Monday, November 26, 2012

Filter SharePoint List by Workflow Status

Filter SharePoint List by Workflow Status

Often we need to filter a SharePoint list by  the status of a workflow.

This is rather simple and can be done in the same way as filtering any other field.

The only thing you need to know is that the status of the workflow is an integer, not a text.  So we can’t add a filter like ‘Workflow name’ IS EQUAL TO ‘In Progress’

The following list gives the integer values of each status.
This data can also be used within InfoPath to change the layout of the form depending on the status of the workflow.

A blog was written earlier how to do this:
List of Workflow statuses

  •      0 - Starting
  • 1 - Failed on Start
  • 2 - In Progress
  • 3 - Error Occurred
  • 4 - Canceled
  • 5 - Completed
  • 6 - Failed on Start (retrying)
  • 7 - Error Occurred (retrying
  • 15 - Canceled
  • 16 - Approved
  • 17 - Rejected

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